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  • if youre here youre soooooo lucky you found my journal. i thought it would be inacessible to people that actually know me if i made a whole blog, and boy, im sure im right. im never gonna use my real name so dont try. if youre faint of heart go away or die here trying to read


    today was my friends birthday. i guess hes my friend, but its really forced. i went because my dad made me, and i just stood around in the back. i could tell he didnt care if i was there or not, but its whatever, i didnt wanna be there anyway. his friend was laughing at me the whole time and making me suuuper uncomfortable. when i look at this guy i wish i could just go up to him rip his thoat out so he couldnt laugh at me anymore

    8/29/xxxx mary

    i cant beleive this fucking guy. we used to be so close but he just sits there and watches me get fucked by his 'friend' constantly. today i got tripped, and hit my nose on a fuckign rock outside on campus, and instead of helping me out, he just turned around and and and and and and IGNORED the fact that i dont know i could have died? like havent you seen a movie you fuckign retard?? i couldve hit my head worse and just fucking died and it wouldve been your fault you fucking disgusting pig


    i really cant remember the date anymore. not right now. none of anyone who is reading this can really uhh comment on this but i think id be better off a girl sometimes? maybe i wouldnt get bullied or whatever so much. not saying im a victim, but wouldnt being a chick be great to any guy? im sure it feels so much better to fuck and do anything at all. like boners suck, getting wet is like...convienent and shit right? arent there guys that decide that they wanna be girls instead? like thats something that happens im pretty sure. not saying im a sissy or whatever like in the porn, my dick is huuuuuuuge but you know. im a little out of it, havent eaten in a few days i think?

    ???? ladyboys lol

    ok so i found these heart gif things (i put them below this idk) and i guess its a pride flag? liek ofr gay people but for the people that get sex changes. i think the colors are pretty cute. maybe ill stop thinking i wann abe a girl for a moment, because im sure my old friends new friend would beat the fuck out of me. or worse!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe ill get raped or something in a back alley, im way too ugly to pretend to be a girl anyway lmao. though i could sneak into the locker room or something. thatll give everyone a bad wrap or rap or whatever but i think its funny anyway it would be so funny if M(old friends new friend) got fucked up by a chick. im talking curb stomping, eyes bleeding, getting beat to DEATH by a woman

    10/31/xxxx 🎂

    Ive died again. I feel so weak every day. Maybe i should just eat more, but im scared of getting worse because of everything going on. I dont think my brain will allow me to even eat anything, i always get sick. It’s really difficult to eat anything but grilled cheese and macaroni. Maybe its just because its a safe food for me, but i dont know. I was out with Blake the other night, not alone, of course. I went to the pizza place downtown with him, my brother and his brother. I didnt say anything, I couldn’t eat either. it was my birthday today, and blake brought it up. it sounded like he was a little concerned, but im not sure. i just stayed in my room most of the day. i knew no one wanted to be there.


    This guy right here is so insufferable and he makes me so so so fucking irritated. He fucking hates me and i love it sm sm sm like i just wanna ruin his pissy little attitude and beat the life out of him he deserves to be put in his place. hes so cute lol. like. idk. idk idk idk idk idk id k di kd idkdisdkksdjlksandkabjhkdajkbdjkbds absdnmasbfndmasb dfmansbda


    sorry i went away, my mom threatened to admit me but i PROMISED id get better. i dont wanna go away, so i just hung out with my mom and dad a lot and let out my issues with them. luckily theyre slightly understanding i guess. i got to stay home and i thnk that it is better thn forcin me awy from home ahnyway. i havsent cut in a little bit they put me on meds :)))))))))


    look how cute i am!!! i made a cute little outfit out of stff i st0le from walmrt and vctria scret :) only pic of me ur ever gonna get you fucking incel p3dos


    this fucking asshole marylin was at my dads party cause his dad is the district attorney or somefuckin shit some kind of speical lawyer...anyway i looked fucking amazing in my mask. maybe ill post my collection lmao

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