"You sure are troublesome"

Through conversation and time alone, Aoba notices that Mink hated every bad thing he did to him and both understand none of it can be undone. Aoba can clearly see Mink deeply regrets having to hurt and use Aoba in the past to attain his goal, but remarked that he had to do what needed to be done since he was not planning on living.

Minks character is disgustingly beautiful to me. I think that his devotion to religion and Aoba are both important. Being Native myself, it's important represntation for him to be spritual, as shown in his bad end in re:connect.

His ending theme in DRAMAtical Murder re:connect is probably my favorite theme as well, second to Dreamon Dreamer! Both are so ridiculously nostalgic to me, and make me wanna cry tears of jubilation!

His love for Aoba can be seen very clearly in re:connect, but mainly, in his bad ending. Though they both die in his bad end, his desire to carry Aoba's head with him by sawing it off so that he will be with him forever is insanely romantic. Mink's spiritual values coem into play, as he explains that he must cut Aoba's head off to save his soul, as the head is the epicenter of the human body, and it is where your soul is stored.

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