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  • what i will draw: gore (mild-heavy) nsfw (mild-heavy) real people ships i do not have rules against fictional characters ages unless they made me very uncomfortable. what i wont draw: nsfw or gore of real people mecha anything depicting hate crimes (problematic characters may be ok, ask me!) you may use your commission for personal use only. you may not make money on it or claim it as your own. you will not remove any watermarks or indicators that I created it. you may not trace or heavily reference it either.


  • Sketched-8$
  • Lines-15$
  • Colored+lined-25$
  • Colored+lined+shaded-40$
  • Halfbody

  • Sketched-15$
  • Lines-25$
  • Colored+lined-40$
  • Colored+lined+shaded-60$
  • Fullbody

  • Sketched-40$
  • Lines-50$
  • Colored+lined-60$
  • Colored+lined+shaded-70$
  • Animals(busts only)

  • Sketched/colored-16$
  • Lined/colored-25$
  • Painting

  • bust-60$
  • halfbody-70$
  • fullbody-80$
  • Contact me on Instagram, or on Discord(kennievennie#9055) if you wish to inquire about a commission!
    I price in USD, paypal will convert so don't worry! complexity will cost between $5-10 extra depending on character. additional characters will cost x2 what you desire,[e.g. one fullbody lined+colored=shaded is 70$, so 2x that is 140$], and can range up to $20+ for complex designs or posing. adding rough color to sketches is +$4 dollars. adding shading to sketches is +$6 dollars. every commission comes with a flat color background, complex backgrounds range from $12 extra to $20 depending on complexity.[inquire first about bg's for pricing!]

    Real Finished Commissions

    200$, colored+shaded+lined fullbody x2 characters, +60$ for pokemon addition

    70$, colored+lined, +10$ for complexity in outfit

    60$, colored+lined+shaded